In Pictures…

Every once in a while I’ll think of a movie I want to see, or have recently seen, and it gets me thinking about my own personal movie trivia.  I thought you guys might find it fun to see what I came up with.  Or not.

I just need to stop thinking about negative stuff and this worked for me.

Movie I know all the words to:


“Just keep swimming”, “Fish are friends, not food”, “Nemo touched the butt”.

Movie I’ve never seen:

star wars

To clarify, I haven’t seen the original ones.  I’m shocked the Hubby married me.

Movie I’m ashamed I watched:


I was bribed to go.

Movie I can watch 1000 times:


I evidently love me some damaged Bradley Cooper.

Movie I walked out of because I couldn’t take it anymore:

The Talented Mr Ripley-02[1]

Sorry Matt.  I like your new stuff.

What about you?

all images are Google Images


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