I thought I would not focus on the fact that I have a thousand things to do right now.  I thought I would post a picture I took last year of an incoming storm.  It is actually a very accurate representation of how I am feeling.  I refuse to give up hope.  I refuse to believe that there is nothing I can do.  Even if I am being stubborn, I still see the incoming storm.  I’m overwhelmed.  It’s almost like I know that I should be stressed and freaking out, but I’m not.  It’s like I’m on the verge of tears, constantly disappointed, and frustrated about the lack of possibilities.

It’s not pretty.

So, I’m going to post some pictures of pretty things.

New purse –



This picture made it look really BLUE.  It’s not quite that bright.

Current Lotion love –



Mild scent, extra moisturizing.

Kicks –



Stripes and spring colors.  No additional comment needed.

Comfort Food –



I may have gone Gluten Free, but I still need pasta.


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