Snow Days of Spring (Almost…)

Tomorrow is the first day of spring.

I generally like spring, but I have a feeling the Mother Nature may have gotten a bit disoriented and decided to remind us New Englanders who’s in charge.

My drive to work this morning:



The view from my office:

side window




On days like today, I want to stay in bed.  However, as you can tell by the above photos, I trekked into work.  I also made sure that I was sufficiently caffeinated with a slippery stop at Starbucks.  I made it.  I should say we made it, because I totally asked Hubby to drive me to work today.  I don’t like to drive in the snow and I wanted the company.  He got the day off because of the awful conditions and so did Bean.  Don’t feel bad for him, he got free Starbucks out of it.

It’s still coming down outside.  As I sit at my desk writing working, I can’t help but be thankful.  I don’t say it often enough.  I forget to stop and just be appreciative for life and its ups and downs.  So today I’m taking an extra moment to be thankful for the things that have made me stronger, and the ability to relax.  A minute to be in gratitude for the fact that my dad is getting better, even though he still isn’t sure where he is.  Some time to appreciate the snow, and the future sunshine.

Tomorrow will be a new day and it will bring new experiences.  Today, I will just be.


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