An Executive Decision

I’ve made an executive decision. During this time I will not be dieting per se. I will be conscious of my decisions, but I will not deprive myself. I need comfort where I can get it. I will eat the chocolate I need and the cheese I crave. Neither will just become a food group though.

I have been mostly gluten-free for the past month or so. I have a post in the works right now with that story. Let’s just say brownies were painful. I’ll explain later. I will continue to do mostly GF for now. It’s changed my life.

The bottom line is that as long as I am conscious of my choices, and don’t overindulge, I’ll be fine. I’m happy with myself, but I feel girl guilt about food.

I don’t need that right now. What I need is potato chips. Lightly salted, lower fat, crispy kettle chips…covered in chocolate. No? Ok, just the chips then.

I’ll eat the chocolate later.


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