Things That Bug Me

  1. Automatic Flushing Toilets – yes, they are more hygienic. I get upset though when I’m barely finishing my business and the toilet flushes. Can I just say that the timing on those things had to have been devised by a very disgruntled individual who was ridiculed for being late all the time?
  2. Kardashians – How did these individuals get so popular? Why would they get a TV show? Want drama? You should come to my house when I try to make my son eat carrots. It’s a total meltdown involving tears and screaming. I won’t even go into what the 6 year old does.
  3. John Carter, the movie – this has to be the dumbest movie ever made.  It has a terrible lead actor and the plot makes me want to cry.  My son and hubby love it though.  I’m no kidding when I say it’s on in my house at least once a week.  That is just plain torture.
  4. Jeans below butt cheeks – Seriously.  What is up with this?  Personally, the thought of someone seeing my underpants all the time, just because I feel like it, makes me cringe.  Plus, the boxer look with the saggy pants movement makes me think that society is doomed.  Doomed, because we don’t even have time to dress ourselves.  Or care.
  5. Selfishness – I cannot understand why people tend to serve only their own needs.  Why not take into consideration the feelings of others?  It does not make us any less.  It actually makes us more human.

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