I’m Nurturing the Technology Generation

My son, whom I’ve mentioned before, has embraced technology.  He got an iPod for Christmas and it has since become an extension of his hand.  Up to the point of getting the gift he had been stealing  borrowing my mother’s phone to send me text messages.  So I set him up with my email account so he can send texts to me when he needs something.

There is a clear upside to this development.

  ian text 1

It was very cute to get this and I thought it was very sweet.

He has since become proficient in texting.

The downside…

ian text

It is obvious that 6 year old boys can also be repetitive and demanding via text.  I read this in my best insistent voice when I finally got it for full effect.  The last line took me a couple of seconds to decipher.  You have to say it in Spanish, ay, ay, ay.

Needless to say my future is destined to have these interactions more and more often.

He has also become a fan of playing Maroon 5 non-stop on the music player, battling pigs on Angry Birds and taking pictures of his grandmother sleeping.   It really is hours of endless fun.

You might as well get out of the way when he has the inevitable I-ran-out-of-battery-what-am-I-going-to-do meltdown.  It’s pretty ugly.


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