The Lack of Visual Cues

I know that my posts lack pictures.  I just don’t take enough pictures through the day to be able to have anything worthwhile to share visually speaking.  I have words.  Lots and lots of words.

I have always been a person that lives in my mind.  I can close my eyes and be instantly in another world, with friends and happy moments.  I can escape from the day to day by just visualizing another time.  It’s not daydreaming, it’s self-preservation.

I can’t imagine being so enveloped in the reality of life that to allow myself to have these moments of detachment would be a bad thing.  I don’t do it while driving.  Usually.

So my lack of pictures allows you to picture the images in my mind.

Imagine if I say, “on cold nights I remember his delicate touch and can see the warmth that found my heart”.  Would you be able to see that image?

Or if I said, “somehow I need to find the strength to overcome my open wounds and walk past you without the urge to cry”.  I know that if you’ve felt pain you can see that for sure.

Words.  Lots of words linked to emotions, full of regret and pain.  Lots of words.  Some day they will all be happy words.  Someday.


One thought on “The Lack of Visual Cues

  1. Escaping into the mind is a form of self-preservation; no doubt. And it can be helpful when a break from “the grind” is needed. The only real danger seems to be we can’t really invite others in there to see what’s going on. That’s not necessary, all the time, but it’s easy, I think, to cross the line from preservation over to isolation, and not notice we’ve done that until those closest to us start to feel we’ve pulled away. And that’s not very fair, to them.

    Thanks for the honest peek behind the scenes… you’re a good person. Believe that. [=

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