A New Approach

The Hubby and I had a meeting today with my son’s teacher.  I entered it with a sense of dread, and left with a confused feeling.  I went fully expecting that they were going to tell me to put him on medication for ADHD.  What they told us was slightly more convoluted.

Apparently, he’s smart.  Smart.  As in, your child is too smart.  We can’t help him move forward.  We don’t have the resources.  We won’t kick him out, but you need to know that he won’t necessarily be helped to grow academically.  He reads well above his grade level, but we will keep him at the level he’s at.  He’s great at math, but he won’t finish his quizzes.  He has amazing ideas, but they don’t fit into the curriculum.  He’s been observed and he’s been tested.  So, he’s smart.  And?

His behavior suffers because he isn’t challenged, yet they won’t challenge him.  I’m beyond frustrated.

Their solution: suck it up.  Medicate him if necessary because his problem is organic, biological.  We won’t kick him out of school, but he will only go as far as we are able to let him go.

We’re moving.  Yep.  What else can we do?


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