The Face Looking Back

It has come to my awareness that there is an epidemic across the world.  This is nothing new or revolutionary, it’s just common and no one talks about it.  It is the battle we wage against the face that looks back at us from the mirror.  The person that may, or may not, be our best friend.  They are likely not.  We have trouble loving the whole person.


I like my eyes, you might say.  My thighs are atrocious though.

Maybe you tell yourself that you’re smart, but that you aren’t much to look at.

Perhaps the dialogue is more along the lines of being pretty, but not very smart.

Most of us are guilty of this.  Most of us are our own worst enemies.  Why do we allow ourselves to talk badly about who we are and what we look like?  We wouldn’t accept it if someone else did that to us.

I firmly believe that before we can make progress towards becoming what we envision ourselves as, we have to come to terms with who we are.

The past week has been a mirror for me of the things that I know I needed to change.  I know that my words can be harmful, so I chose to reign them in.  I know that my past has caused me great pain, so I have to talk about it or else it will eat me up inside.  The past week has given me a true reflection of what I want from my life.

I just want to be happy.

I want to find happiness in the details.  The insignificant moments that are mundane and common.  The little things will open the door to greater things, and I will become stronger for them.  I have to allow myself to find joy in the day to day events, and not focus on the big occasions that haven’t occurred yet.  I need to relish in the controllable things and create happy moments for my family.  I have to learn to love the individual who looks back at me in the mirror.

Because I do like my eyes, and one day I will love my thighs.


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