An Intense Dislike for Limits

A big plate of cookies makes me happy.  Tell me I can only have one and I immediately become this whiny, insolent, cranky adult.  I don’t like to be told no.

It’s something that has wreaked havoc in my life.  In many areas, I am guilty of being a spoiled brat.  I could blame this on being an only child, but nothing is ever that simple.

Now apply this dislike of limits to dieting.  What is the main premise of a diet?  It’s to cut back.  Sometimes, way back.  I want to eat the cookie.  I want to eat ten cookies.  I want to be ok with eating ten cookies*.

In a world where moderation is key to achieving weight loss success, being bombarded by our mentality of excess is difficult to overcome.  I just want to feel like there is a light at the end of the weight loss tunnel without having to fight the deprivation battle.

I’ve set a goal for myself.  I know that it is an attainable one and that I am completely capable of meeting it.  Success for me isn’t going to come in the form of depriving myself.  That has never worked.  I need to have some accountability, as well as some freedom.

Much to my chagrin I joined Weight Watchers.  I hate that I had to.  No really, I fight with it daily.  It’s limiting, but it’s also helpful.  I’m following it to the best of my ability.  That means, it’s a guideline to keep me honest about what I’m doing.  Am I going to stay within my points everyday?  Probably not.  I know that my body works better when I give it certain things.  For example, avocados.  Avocados are a ton of points on WW, but I know that they are helpful to me.  Nothing is ever 100% off limits.

I’m tracking my points and my weight.  I’m drinking a ton of water.  I’m getting out and moving around everyday.  The little things are what are going to make me successful. 

Cookies are included in this plan. 

For the sake of accountability, I will be posting what I’ve done for workouts and weight loss per week.  It will be my Sunday post.  This little experiment started with the new year.  The first accountability post will be on Sunday, 1/6/2013.  It will only be from Tuesday forward.  Everything before that point is moot.

No sense counting the cookies I ate over the holidays after the fact.

* as a general rule, I never eat ten cookies.


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