Sick & Tired of the Same Old Sh…tuff

I’m putting it down on paper.  Er, internet paper…

This week I’ve made a decision to do something active everyday.  I’ve been a bit lazy on the exercise front.  I’m making a change for the better and that’s the end of that.

Monday – Walk around Lake Waban at Wellesley College (done!)

Tuesday – run 1-2 miles

Wednesday – Yoga

Thursday – run 1-2 miles

Friday – Yoga

Saturday – Hike

Sunday – Active rest.  Maybe a walk with the family somewhere.

None of these things are hard to complete.  I just need to do them.  There is no excuse for not completing the list.  I know that it is in me to do this and more.  I just need to commit to this small list and aim for more next week.

Positive attitude.  Let’s do this.


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