Makeshift Mudroom

I love my house.

iphone sept 21 2012 742

It’s out in the middle of nowhere and that’s just how I like it.  It fits our family perfectly.

There is only one thing missing from the house.  A Mudroom!  So I made a makeshift one.  I needed a space for the future wet coats and rain/snow boots.  Backpacks, shoes and other stuff that tends to not have a “home”.

There is a little nook next to the garage door.  It can’t be seen from the living room and it is big enough to have a few necessary items.

photo 1(9)

Straight ahead is the garage door.  To the right you can see the stairs.  The other door is to a closet where my son has a bazillion toys.  There is a coat rack on the door.  On the left is a shoe rack.  It keeps everything on hand and organized.

photo 2(6)

photo 5

photo 3(3)

Look I’m quirky and I hold keys!

This should come in handy when the weather gets bad.  Or maybe I can just sit in the corner and imagine how I’m going to drive my rear-wheel drive sports car.

It was a good decision when I lived in “no snow land”.  Is it wrong that I want to go to the Ford dealership so that they give me lessons on how to drive in the snow?


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