The Harbor Odyssey

For our anniversary The Soldier and I decided that we would do something low key.  Neither one of us wanted to go out of town, or spend a ton of money. We did our research and felt that taking a cruise through Boston Harbor would be a perfect.

92312 081

92312 080

We picked The Odyssey because it had been recommended to us.  Since we wanted to do it during the day to see the Boston skyline we picked a Sunday Chocolate & Champagne Brunch.  There may, or may not, have been a Bloody Mary involved in this brunch.

92312 082

The highlight of the voyage was, by far, the skyline.  Boston is a beautiful city and I’m so happy to have the opportunity to live here.

The Odyssey left from the Boston Harbor Hotel, on Rowe’s Wharf.  It’s where the archway is.

92312 095

The food was wonderful.  The ambiance was great.  However, the true highlight to this trip was the view.

92312 093

92312 097

92312 096

92312 098

92312 103

92312 114

92312 115

We would do it again.  It was a wonderful experience.  I want to try it at night next time.

92312 119

The Soldier was slouching.  He’s really tall!!!  I’m also not sure why I had my arms crossed.  I do like him, honest.


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