The Good Thing About Moving…New Shoes!

Truth be told I haven’t actually gone to buy any clothes as of yet.  That will come when I’m freezing my booty off this winter.  Now I live in a state where there is rain, where there isn’t currently a drought and where there is this thing called “dew” on the ground in the morning.

When I walk my little one to the bus stop in the morning I always would get my feet wet.  I don’t like my toes wet unless I’m at the beach.  So, for the first time in my 30+ years on this planet I bought a pair of rain boots.

Steve Madden and I are getting along like gang busters.


These look black but they are navy blue, with a yellow lining.  They are perfect for what I need in the rainy weather.

These rain boots are completely sealed.  The buckles give it a little something extra.  They have a tight fit, which I like.  The zipper up the back is awesome.

I’m taking the wardrobe upgrade little by little.

Next step a winter coat.  A winter coat, sweaters, gloves, wool socks, snow pants…

I better get started.  Seriously.


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